Founded in 2008 by Rachel Tourville, Graphic Lime Creative is a visual design studio specializing in graphic design, branding, web design, illustration and motion graphics.

We believe in being authentic in all aspects of business, and that translates to the work we do as well as the clients we work with. Our clients are some of the most genuine and inspiring brands in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Working with our dynamic and scalable team means we meet you where you’re at. We carefully tailor our approach to every project, large or small, to craft a unique and intentional solution. We find success in our devotion to details and consistently delivering solid work that builds relationships. We believe anything is possible when you are armed with your Pantone swatch book and a good cup of coffee.

Many of our clients have values surrounding sustainability, which resonates with our philosophies. We offer, communicate and educate about sustainable design and print solutions as often as possible.

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art director + designer

Rachel Tourville

Rachel Tourville is the art director and lead designer at Graphic Lime Creative. She has 15 years of experience working at design studios, agencies and in-house positions, so she is well steeped in marketing landscapes in a range of sectors. Rachel delights in the opportunity to work with businesses in food and beverage, with a particular sweet spot in wine and specialty foods. Her work spans a multitude of industries, including restaurant, grocery, jewelry, and the nonprofit sector.